Help Wanted

At Chicago Outpost, we believe in the urgency of the hour. We are looking for willing workers who are convinced the time to reach others for Christ is now.

We have a vision to reach our city by equipping workers with tools to internalize Scripture, apply it practically to their life, and reach out to others in ministry.

We are convinced that leadership is the key to transforming churches into training centers. We are looking for men and women willing to spark a movement.

Chicago Outpost is a school--but not your typical school. It is inspired by a conviction that the most effective way to train workers is to follow the discipling methods used by Jesus Christ. Our first priority is thus the personal development of each student. Our seven week summer program will give you tools that change your life.

Chicago Outpost is driven by a passion to see the Gospel go to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. To do so will take an army of workers. And to raise such an army, will require churches everywhere to become training centers. Our goal is to build a prototype school that can be implemented in any church.

Chicago Outpost is located near, but not in, the third largest city in the United States, within driving distance of an estimated 9.8 million individuals. We are serious about reaching our corner of the world. And we are looking for people who want to come, and help make a difference. Interested? Apply Inside...